Before and After: The Transformative Impact of All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants in San Mateo CA area

Ask anyone with a dental implant, and they will tell you it’s one of the smartest decisions they have ever made. Not only does a dental implant improve your appearance and eating ability, but it also boosts your self-confidence in a way that no other tooth replacement can.  Lost several or most of your teeth in San Mateo, California? Experience the transformative powers of All-on-4 dental implants at Peninsula Dental Implant Center. Full-mouth dental implants installed by Dr. Shivani Gupta, DDS, Master ICOI, and the team offer an effective one-time solution for extensive tooth loss.  Curious to find out how … Continue reading

Dental implants are a cost-effective means to replace lost teeth

How Much Teeth Implants Cost in San Mateo Area

Although the initial cost of dental implants is higher than other dental procedures, implants are a cost-effective means of replacing missing teeth over the long haul. Implants are the only restoration that replaces your entire tooth root, not just the crown, so they more closely resemble natural teeth. If you’re considering dental implant treatment, it’s to your advantage to visit the Peninsula Dental Implant Center serving residents in San Mateo, California. Why dental implants are cost-effective Contrary to popular opinion, dental implants aren’t a “luxury” treatment. The long-term benefits of implants help offset higher up-front costs. These benefits include: A … Continue reading

Where to find affordable, high quality dental implants in San Mateo, California

Where to Find Affordable, High Quality Dental Implants in San Mateo, California Area

Tooth loss requires patients to seek effective treatment solutions to achieve a more beautiful, healthier smile that functions at its best. As soon as tooth loss occurs, it is vital that patients of the San Mateo, CA area work with a dental practice to seek replacement. With today’s advances, there are several ways in which patients can replace missing teeth, including affordable options. However, investing in your smile with dental implants is a highly advisable way to achieve a beautiful, functioning smile for life! What is a dental implant? The team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center works closely with patients … Continue reading

Increase jawbone mass with a sinus lift for dental implants

One Day Teeth Replacement at Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Mateo Area

When you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, long-term dental issues can develop. Over time, even if you have replaced your missing tooth or teeth with appliances such as dentures or a dental bridge, your face can take on a shrunken or sunken appearance. This is because the support that was once in place (the roots of your natural teeth) has been lost. When might I need a sinus lift, and how can it help with implant placement? Dental implants are your best bet for preventing these problems from developing. With implants, one-day teeth replacement is possible as … Continue reading

Redwood City, CA implant dentist describes the benefits of the all-on-four system for tooth replacement

All on Four System Implant at Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Mateo Area

San Mateo, CA area patients faced with extensive tooth loss may fear their only option are unsightly, cumbersome full dentures that take months to adjust to. Thankfully, there have been many advances in restorative dentistry that allow patients to take a different approach. Dr. Shivani Gupta of Peninsula Dental Implant Center encourages patients to ask about the all-on-four implant system for a more stable and effective solution to tooth loss. Loss of the entire dental arch Losing a single tooth can be devastating enough to one’s oral health, but cavities and periodontal disease that cause an entire arch of teeth … Continue reading

Are one-day dental implants safe for San Mateo area patients?

One Day Dental Implants San Mateo

When patients in San Mateo County are ready to restore their smiles with dental implants, they need to work with a dental team they know and trust to provide these services. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, patients in and around the community can enjoy quality care from Dr. Shivani Gupta and her team. With solutions such as one-day dental implants, patients can completely rejuvenate their smiles in just one appointment! You come with broken, missing and failing teeth and you leave with new full mouth teeth. What are same-day dental implants? Same-day dental implants, also known as one-day dental implants … Continue reading

Start the new year with a beautiful new smile with dental implants in San Mateo

New Year with Dental Implants in San Mateo

Your teeth are an important part of your appearance and overall health. If you are missing teeth or having badly decayed teeth in need of extraction, you can start the new year with a beautiful, pain-free smile. Dr. Shivani Gupta and the team at Peninsula Dental Implants in Redwood City are highly experienced in transforming patients’ smiles with dental implants and other dental technologies to restore missing teeth. Dental implants explained Many technologies have been used over the years to replace missing teeth. For a long time, partial or full dentures and bridges have been used to replace teeth that … Continue reading

Implants are a permanent solution for patients with missing teeth in San Mateo

Implants For Missing Teeth San Mateo

Our natural teeth serve a vital role, allowing us to bite, chew, and smile easily and naturally. Tooth loss can have a profound impact on adults, taking away some of these natural abilities and bruising self-confidence. But, tooth loss does not have to take away your ability to smile or eat. Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth that can give you back what tooth loss has taken away. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, we specialize in restoring smiles with implants. What are dental implants? Dental implants have three main components: The implant, the abutment, and the final … Continue reading

10 important questions to ask when choosing an implant dentist in the area near San Mateo, CA

10 important questions

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center near San Mateo, CA, patients in and around the community of Redwood City, CA have access to a wide selection of treatments to restore the smile. Dr. Shivani Gupta is pleased to be a highly qualified professional in the area that can offer dental implants for tooth replacement. Her practice encourages patients to learn more about the 10 important questions to ask when choosing an implant dentist in the community: What education and training have you had in dental implant treatment? In addition to Dental School, Dr. Gupta has completed a yearlong AAID Maxi course … Continue reading

What are the signs of dental infection prior to teeth extraction in the San Mateo area?

Teeth Extraction dental San Mateo

When oral infection or disease occurs, dental professionals in the San Mateo, CA area such as Dr. Shivani Gupta of Peninsula Dental Implant Center may suggest extracting the tooth. Knowing the signs of infection and understanding when the extraction is necessary is important to patients who visit our practice for assistance in bringing the smile back to health. What is an infection of the tooth? Anytime an infection of a tooth occurs, it is often caused by trauma or extremely large cavities. These cause access to the dental pulp inside of the tooth that needs to be protected by tooth … Continue reading

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