All-on-four Dentures Vs. Snap-in Dentures with a Redwood City, CA area dentist

All-on-four Dentures Vs. Snap-in Dentures In San Carlos Area

Dr. Shivani Gupta of Peninsula Dental Implant Center in Redwood City, CA, understands that many patients have questions about various smile restoration options. That includes a comparison of all-on-four dentures vs. snap-in dentures. What is the difference? Which is the best option for me? Here is a breakdown to help the patient understand the associated cost, time, and functionality of each denture design and why one device might be better.


Dentures are a popular option for most people, ideally because of the low cost. However, there are long-term effects and sacrifices patients may not be aware of when they decide to go for denture treatment. Here are a few things to consider before choosing dentures as your treatment option.

  • Dentures completely block the roof of your pallet. It means that you will not be able to taste your food properly because most of your taste buds will be covered.
  • Uncomfortable fitting. Dentures can be bulky because they have to cover large areas of your mouth. That can make it very uncomfortable for the patient because dentures will rub the insides of your gums, causing sores or tiny cuts at these raw surface points.
  • Dentures must be frequently adjusted and relined to fit well. When a denture is relined, material is added to the denture to help secure the denture in place. But due to the inevitable loss of bone, these relines and adjustments can become frustratingly frequent and costly.
  • Loss of bone. Once your teeth are removed, bone loss occurs because there is nothing there to stimulate the bone. The bone loss process in combination with dentures can be accelerated because of the constant friction. This process will dramatically change the profile of your face leading to a “sunken face” look.

Snap-in Dentures 

 Alternatively, some patients may prefer snap-in dentures.

  • Expensive care. Although this option can help prevent some bone loss with the placement of implants, attachment reline visits can be costly to maintain.
  • High maintenance. Due to the constant attaching and removing of the denture, the snap-in denture will have continuous wear. That will cause the denture to become loose, causing rocking or food to lodge itself under the denture. To secure the denture, you will require frequent visits to reline the attachments to maintain it.
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(All on Four) Hybrid Denture

If time and money were not an object, this is the absolute next best option for missing teeth. Titanium bar-supported teeth restore total chewing capacity and taste (no denture pallet), allowing patients to enjoy food again. The All-on-Four dental implant procedure provides patients with new top and bottom sets of teeth supported on four or more dental implants. Here are some benefits to the all-on-four hybrid denture:

  • Affordable maintenance. While its initial cost is more, it doesn’t require relining or adjustments or replacing any parts, so hybrid fixed dentures provide a cost-effective and hassle-free denture option in the long term.
  • Hygienic design. This hybrid denture is designed to have a small space between the gums to maintain easy cleaning access. Patients will brush as usual and remove any trapped food with a water pic. Patients just attend their regularly scheduled cleanings with our team as usual.

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