Advanced systems support a full upper or lower denture … with just four implants! The ease and value of All-On-4

All On Four Implants in Palo Alto CA Area

Trust the success and lasting function and health of your implant-supported dentures to an experienced implantologist like Dr. Shivani Gupta. She is an Associate Fellow with AAID and has Mastership with ICOI and is working towards becoming Diplomate with ABOI. Dr. Gupta has advanced, and focused training and clinical expertise to surgically place implants in the jawbone in the most precise way possible. Her technical skill is further complemented by cutting-edge technologies. For instance, our team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Carlos, California uses specialized technology to scan the face and teeth. Our in-house 3-D CT scanner aids in the development of a detailed treatment plan that supports speedy healing and helps to avoid implant failures that threaten the denture.

All on Four implant systems are designed to replace loose, broken or missing teeth with implant supported fixed bridge or denture. These tools, and Dr. Gupta’s know-how, allow us to position as few as four implants to connect to, support, and stabilize an entire upper or lower denture.  

The “magic” of the A4 complete implant solution comes down to our ability to maximize the available bone in the jaw. Dr. Gupta can place each implant in a way that makes the most of the bony tissue. In doing so, a minimal number of implants can support a maximum number of prosthetic teeth in the upper or lower jaw (or dental arch). This exacting technique furthermore allows individuals with bone loss to benefit from implant-retained dentures. Patients with significant bone 

Healthy, sufficient bone provides a foundation for the implant. So, once the prosthetic is connected to the implant, it is secured optimally by strong, dense bone. Traditionally, patients with bone loss (“resorption”) had to undergo surgical grafting procedures to build up bony tissue in the jaw prior to the placement of each implant. However, such preparation was not suitable for all patients. Additionally, bone grafting adds to the treatment time and trauma to the site. With the All-on-4 approach, bone grafting is not necessary, due to how treatment is planned and how the implants are placed. Furthermore, this approach allows our patients to spend less time in the treatment chair and more time enjoying their new, confident, and healthy smiles!

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Implant-supported systems are surprisingly affordable and easy to get – an implant is not needed to replace and “root” each and every replacement tooth. We have innovative technologies and techniques to thank for bringing down the barriers to this highly desirable approach to full arch restoration and more extensive needs for full-mouth rehabilitation. Call (650) 232-7650 to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Gupta at our dental center near Palo Alto, CA. Or, request an in-person or virtual consultation from this website.

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