Do I need block bone grafting to prepare my smile for dental implants?

Block Bone Graft for Dental Implant in Belmont CA Area

Obtaining dental implants is the optimum goal for patients missing one or more teeth. Quality dental implants have continued to gain popularity due to their permanency. However, not everyone is considered a good candidate for dental implants, especially if they do not have sufficient bone in their jaw to ensure successful placement of this restoration.  Dental implant specialist, Dr. Shivani Gupta, DDS, Master ICOI of Peninsula Dental Implant Center serving San Carlos and Belmont, California, can talk to you about specific bone graft solutions such as block bone grafting. What is block bone grafting? Block bone grafting, also referred to … Continue reading

Why Might You Need Bone Grafting Before Getting a Dental Implant?

Grafting Jaw Bone for Implants in San Francisco CA area

Are you ready to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant so that you have a beautiful and natural-looking smile? It is estimated that nearly half a million people in the United States get dental implants annually. When you visit Dr. Shivani Gupta at Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Francisco, California, for your free consultation, it may be recommended that a bone graft be done before the dental implant process can begin. A graft may be necessary when there is a loss of jawbone. While this adds an additional step, it is essential for the success of your … Continue reading

San Carlos, CA dentist describes the cost, benefits, and purpose of dental bone graft procedures

Bone Graft Cost and Benefits at Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Carlos Ca Area

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, Dr. Shivani Gupta and her team in San Carlos, CA understand that many patients love the idea of placing dental implants to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, patients who do not have enough bone structure of the jaw are not considered good candidates for this procedure. Instead, the team may encourage patients to learn more about a bone graft procedure that can rebuild the bone of the jaw and prepare the patient for the placement of dental implants later on. Our provider can discuss with patients the purpose, cost, and benefits of bone grafting. How much … Continue reading

Is dental bone grafting safe for Burlingame area patients?

Dental Bone Grafting Burlingame

Patients who are interested in dental implants in the Burlingame area often want to find out how they can prepare their smile for their placement. Dental implants are a wonderful option for patients who want to replace one or more teeth within the smile, but they do require patients to have sufficient bone in the jaw to do so. With the help of Dr. Shivani Gupta and the team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center, patients can rebuild their bone with bone grafting to enjoy these amazing restorations. Dental implants explained Implants are titanium posts that dentists use to act as … Continue reading

A block bone graft in San Carlos can make you a good candidate for dental implants after bone loss

Block Bone Graft San Carlos

Most people have heard the term dental implants used, even if you aren’t quite sure what they are. On the other hand, the bone graft is a term that isn’t as well known, even though it goes hand in hand with dental implants. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Carlos, bone grafts are one of the many restorative procedures we provide for patients impacted by tooth loss. What are bone grafts? Bone grafting is done when a patient does not have enough healthy bone structure in the mouth to properly support a dental implant. This bone deficiency can occur … Continue reading

Dental bone grafts help patients in San Bruno receive dental implants

Dental Bone Graft San Bruno CA

If you have experienced bone resorption or atrophy, you may not think they are good candidates for dental implants. Gum disease, injury or tooth extraction can permanently impact the volume of the jawbone and leave the area unable to support a dental implant. Luckily, there are still options. Bone grafts give patients with bone loss the necessary height, depth, and width of the jawbone in order to support implants and replace missing teeth. What is a bone graft? A bone graft fills in holes or defects in the bone as well as increases the height or width in order to … Continue reading

What patients in San Carlos, CA need to know about dental bone grafts

What Are Bone Grafts San Carlos

If you are considering dental implants for tooth loss, you probably already know that some patients need to undergo dental work to prepare the mouth for the restoration. For dental implants to be successful, we may recommend a bone graft. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, Dr. Gupta and her team have helped many patients enjoy renewed confidence and a restored smile with dental implants. What are bone grafts and why do I need them? To be properly supported, dental implants require sufficient bone density. When the jawbone has deteriorated, often due to missing teeth, patients may require a bone graft. … Continue reading

Block/bone grafting for patients in Belmont gives new hope for dental implants

Dental Bridges Redwood City

Dr. Shivani Gupta performs simple surgical procedures to place dental implants at the Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Carlos. Patients in Belmont and surrounding areas can visit us for a consultation regarding dental implants so that we can determine their suitability with patients’ current health and implant requirements. Implants currently offer the ideal solution for tooth replacement. There are some situations, however, when patient health is not compatible with the implant process. Rather than lose access to this outstanding technology, Dr. Gupta has options to prepare patients to be ready to accept the dental implants. One aspect of health … Continue reading

Patients ask about dental bone loss treatment near San Bruno, CA

Dental Bone Loss Treatment Near San Bruno CA

Loss of bone is common among patients who experience chronic gum disease or tooth loss. For those who have advanced periodontitis, the bacteria erode the jawbone and the gum tissue that connects to it. The most common cause of bone loss, missing teeth, occurs because the bone structure is preserved through stimulation to the root. When there is no tooth, the bone resorbs. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, we help patients in the San Bruno, CA area with treatment for bone loss. Bone Loss and Dentures When patients are faced with tooth loss, many turns to dentures. While dentures address … Continue reading

Soft tissue grafting available for patients near San Mateo, CA

Soft Tissue Grafting San Mateo, CA

Dr. Shivani Gupta and the team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center want patients near San Mateo, CA to have a smile they are proud to share. With procedures, such as soft tissue grafting, patients with imperfections can enjoy treatment to improve the overall look of their smiles. Dental appearance can greatly improve confidence and self-acceptance for patients who may be unhappy with the way their smile looks. What type of patient is best for soft tissue grafting procedures? The gum tissue, which is in place to protect the root of a tooth, can affect the smile in a negative or … Continue reading

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