Block/bone grafting for patients in Belmont gives new hope for dental implants

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Dr. Shivani Gupta performs simple surgical procedures to place dental implants at the Peninsula Dental Implant Center in Redwood City. Patients in Belmont and surrounding areas can visit us for a consultation regarding dental implants so that we can determine their suitability with patients’ current health and implant requirements. Implants currently offer the ideal solution for tooth replacement. There are some situations, however, when patient health is not compatible with the implant process. Rather than lose access to this outstanding technology, Dr. Gupta has options to prepare patients to be ready to accept the dental implants.

One aspect of health that the dentist considers before placing dental implants is the jawbone of the patient. Bone structure is necessary to provide proper support for the implants. The weak or inadequate bone will not support the implants, and they will not be able to function like the root of a tooth in the natural oral structure. A patient with insufficient bone structure who still wishes to pursue dental implants may be considered a candidate for a block or bone grafting to improve bone structure where they have experienced loss.

To accomplish the block or bone graft, the dentist will usually extract healthy bone from perhaps the patient’s lower jaw where wisdom teeth would exist, if not already extracted; or may take a piece to be used from the patient’s chin. This tiny piece of bone is then placed into the area lacking bone structure. The graft is secured with tiny screws, covered, and closed to allow growth and healing. This is allowed to fuse with the patient’s bone in the months to follow. Once healed and the bone is strong enough, the patient will be able to undergo the implant process. The structure is improved, and implants can be properly supported, so they can give proper support to the chosen restoration.

To be assured of a positive experience with tooth replacement, call us for an appointment. We offer expertise in implant technology superior to that of general dental providers. Choose the experts at Peninsula Dental Implant Center.

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