Patients ask about dental bone loss treatment near San Bruno, CA

Dental Bone Loss Treatment Near San Bruno CA

Loss of bone is common among patients who experience chronic gum disease or tooth loss. For those who have advanced periodontitis, the bacteria erode the jawbone and the gum tissue that connects to it. The most common cause of bone loss, missing teeth, occurs because the bone structure is preserved through stimulation to the root. When there is no tooth, the bone resorbs.

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, we help patients in the San Bruno, CA area with treatment for bone loss.

Bone Loss and Dentures

When patients are faced with tooth loss, many turns to dentures. While dentures address issues with functionality and appearance, they do not stimulate the jawbone, which means it will continue to resorb.

As time goes on, denture wearers will begin to notice a collapse in the lower third of their face. Losing part of the bone makes the chin closer to the nose and the jaw juts out. Eventually, the upper lip will pucker in and deep wrinkles will form around the mouth.

Treatment for bone loss

When the bone has already been compromised, the best form of treatment is bone grafting followed by a dental implant. The bone graft serves two main purposes:

  • To replace bone that has been lost
  • To stimulate regrowth of the bone, eventually replacing the graft with the patient’s own bone

There are several types of bone grafts available. During your consultation, we determine which option is best for you.

For patients who have lost teeth in the back of the mouth, we may have to perform a sinus lift. During this procedure, the sinus area is raised away from the jaw and bone grafting material is placed where the sinking sinus lift was located.

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