The process of obtaining dentures as a treatment for missing teeth

Dentures Treatment Near Foster City, CA

Dr. Shivani Gupta and her team of professionals at Peninsula Dental Implant Center provide various dental services to patients in and around the Foster City, California, area. Dr. Gupta and her team take great pride in working with patients facing some form of tooth loss. There are three primary methods of tooth replacement, including:

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, Dr. Gupta can consult you on the process for receiving any of these solutions, including dentures. If you have been seeking an economical yet wonderfully effective solution for your missing teeth, dentures may be what you have been looking for. Dentures are great for repairing your smile, and Dr. Gupta and her team would love to partner with you from start to finish as you begin your journey into dentures!

Dentures are just a few steps away

  • Consultation – Before any fabrication or placement of dentures can occur, the first step which needs to be taken is for Dr. Gupta to determine if you are a suitable candidate. There are two primary forms of dentures: partial and complete. A partial denture can be used when a patient needs to replace just a single tooth or multiple teeth on the dental arch. However, if a patient requires the replacement of an entire arch of teeth, a complete denture would be needed. A consultation with Dr. Shivani Gupta will help her determine which restoration is best suited for you and discuss any suitable alternatives.
  • Preparations – When Dr. Gupta has consulted a patient and determined that they would like to move forward with the process of receiving dentures, they may require some preparations. This applies mainly to those who are going to need complete dentures. When full dentures are decided upon, but the patient still has some teeth remaining, these can be extracted so that complete dentures can be placed. Extractions are done in the office and can be completed quickly with proper sedation and anesthesia so that patients are comfortable during the process.
  • Impressions – Once any necessary preparations have been completed, impressions are the next step. Impressions are needed by the lab that creates the dentures so that your restoration will be a perfect fit. Molds are made for patients getting partial or complete dentures, and the impressions are then taken and sent to the lab. For partial dentures, the denture must fit comfortably and precisely within your existing teeth. As for complete dentures, they must sit perfectly along the ridge of the gum line. Any impressions taken are done in the office and then mailed off to the laboratory, along with any necessary information detailing how the final dentures will need to look like.
  • Temporaries – While you wait for your mouth to heal from any preparations and your permanent dentures are being crafted at an off-site laboratory, temporary restorations will be placed. This will allow the patient to speak and eat while they wait for their permanent restoration. It also allows patients to maintain their confidence. While temporaries are not as strong and will not fit as well as the final product, they will enable you to have a complete looking smile while waiting for your dentures to arrive.
  • Placement – When the permanent denture arrives from the laboratory, Dr. Shivani Gupta will work with the patient on scheduling an appointment for final placement. If the dentures are implant-supported, such as A4 complete dentures, they will be placed on implants that have been surgically inserted in the jawbone. Patients receiving complete dentures will be informed on how to best keep them in place and given proper care instructions to ensure their dentures last long. For partial dentures, they will have a metal and acrylic framework which snaps into place. Dr. Gupta will check if any adjustments need to be made before the patient leaves so that these dentures fit comfortably and properly along the dental arch. Instructions about proper at-home care will be provided, and routine visits will be discussed as patients who wear dentures will have recurring biannual appointments.
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Looking for dentures near Foster City, California?

If you are ready to discuss the possibility for placement of either partial or complete dentures so that you can fully restore your smile, then we welcome you to contact our practice. Dr. Shivani Gupta and the team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center would love to discuss treatment options. Dr. Gupta and her team can discuss dentures, bridges, and implants with you so that you can restore your smile. Patients in the Foster City, California area, can reach out to Dr. Gupta for an appointment today by calling (650) 232-7650.

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