The Importance of Proper-Fitting Quality Dentures

Quality Dentures in Mountain View Area

It is difficult for a person when they learn they will need to have all their natural teeth pulled and replaced with dentures due to decay or gum disease. It is highly detrimental to a person to have missing teeth and not feel that they can smile when out in the world. Your smile directly affects your confidence, so it is essential that you know that you can smile freely. One way of replacing missing teeth is with dentures.

What Are Dentures?

Regular dentures are the cheapest way to get a new complete set of teeth. Dentures are made to have a false gum line with teeth placed in them to fit your mouth so you can still eat, speak, and smile. But some dentures do not fit very well and can slip when a person is talking or attempting to chew their food. To avoid those issues, you should try to obtain quality dentures designed to be more durable and fit better than the cheaper ones.

Purposes of Quality Dentures

To avoid painful blisters, slippage, and dentures that do not allow you to eat the foods you enjoy, you should opt for a pair of quality dentures. This type of denture will fit comfortably and allow more flexibility of movement, not to mention, they will provide you with a dazzling smile.

Types of Dentures

Conventional dentures are held in place by suction or denture adhesives. They will equip you with the ability to chew and speak to a certain degree but are prone to slipping and making sore spots in your mouth.

Immediate dentures are created ahead of time so that when all your teeth are pulled, they can be placed in your mouth right away. Since they are inserted right after your natural teeth are extracted, they can be adjusted later to fit better.

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An overdenture is held in place with dental implants. These dentures are also known as snap on dentures as these dentures can be snapped on or off. Dr. Shivani Gupta can design your dentures that will fit properly and reflect the look and feel of your natural teeth.

The highest quality dentures are the fixed permanent supported dentures that are supported on four to six dental implants. These dentures have a Titanium bar inside them that reinforces and makes the denture strong.

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High-quality Dentures in and around Mountain View

If you are looking for quality dentures in Mountain View, your search is over. To start your journey for high-quality denture options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Shivani Gupta at the Peninsula Dental Implant Center, call (650) 232-7650 for an appointment.

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