Where to find affordable, high quality dental implants in San Mateo, California

Where to Find Affordable, High Quality Dental Implants in San Mateo, California Area

Tooth loss requires patients to seek effective treatment solutions to achieve a more beautiful, healthier smile that functions at its best. As soon as tooth loss occurs, it is vital that patients of the San Mateo, CA area work with a dental practice to seek replacement. With today’s advances, there are several ways in which patients can replace missing teeth, including affordable options. However, investing in your smile with dental implants is a highly advisable way to achieve a beautiful, functioning smile for life!

What is a dental implant?

The team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center works closely with patients to help them find a replacement option for their smile that works with their lifestyle and budget. Regardless, dental implants are often the most requested treatment. These titanium posts are used as tooth root replacements. They appear as small screws that are placed into the bone of the jaw to stimulate bone growth through osseointegration. As the bone wraps around the implant, it stabilizes it and keeps it firmly in place. This allows it to function just as the previous tooth did, and in many cases, patients who properly care for their dental implants can enjoy them for life!

What is the price of dental implants?

Several factors need to be taken into consideration to determine the final cost of this restoration:

  • Dental insurance: patients with dental insurance will want to bring their insurance information to their appointment to determine if they have benefits that can reduce or eliminate the out-of-pocket costs for dental implants. Our front office team is well-versed in determining a patient’s benefits and helping them afford dental implants and other restorations with well-deserved benefits available to them.
  • Restoration used: several types of restorations can be used over dental implants, including dental crowns, dental bridges, and full dentures. Each of these has its own cost, and in some cases, are also covered by dental insurance in part or in full.
  • Bone grafting: patients who do not have enough bone for the successful placement of dental implants will often require bone grafting. It is a process during which a patient will have bone added to the jaw to prepare the area for the placement of dental implants in the future. Patients must have enough bone to enjoy the benefits of dental implants.
  • The number of implants placed: some patients will have a single implant put in place, while others may need several. This will dramatically affect the price of the dental work as a whole, especially if patients are having implant-retained dentures made for the upper and/or lower arch.

How  Dr. Gupta makes dental implants affordable in the San Francisco Bay Area?

  • By using in-office CT Scan and CAD/CAM dental lab
  • By buying implants in bulk
  • Splitting payment between surgery & teeth delivery stages
  • Accepting most PPO insurances and offering monthly payment plans
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