Dental implants are an outstanding tooth replacement option for Redwood City, CA patients

Dental Implants San Carlos CA

The popularity of dental implants continues to increase as more and more patients are finding out about the benefits of the innovative procedure. While implants are not a new technology, they haven’t been around as long as traditional and less invasive options. Once patients understand the long-lasting, natural, and easy to care for results, many more are finding that dental implants deliver beyond their expectations for replacement of teeth.

For medical procedures, including dental surgeries, most people prefer to choose an expert in their field. Implant surgery is considered relatively simple and has few known risks, but specialization provides more experience, attention to details to provide excellent outcomes, and knowledgeable staff for patient questions and cares along each step of the way. In Redwood City, CA, patients in need of having one tooth or multiple teeth replaced are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shivani Gupta of Peninsula Dental Implant Center.

Implants may at first seem costly or complicated; however, the efficiency and success rate makes them an incredible value. Once the procedure is completed, patients have replacement teeth that are cared for and function very much like their natural teeth. Dental implants offer the best in appearance and comfort for patients and have the added benefit that they contribute to the patient’s oral health. Implants serve as replacements for the roots of the teeth, providing stimulation of the surrounding bone. This leads to better bone retention and therefore, a more natural structure and appearance over time.

Dr. Gupta and her professional staff are attentive to the individual needs of the patient from the very first consultation until the procedure is complete, and the patient has completely recovered. No corners are cut; Dr. Gupta is a master implantologist. We explain each recommendation and use the latest technology to ensure the most satisfactory outcome. Treatment plans are custom designed for the best interest of the individual and his or her health. No two situations are the same, and we are committed to delivering personalized, beautiful results that will last a lifetime.

If you reside in Redwood City, Belmont, or anywhere on the Peninsula, we invite you to schedule an appointment to begin the process towards a healthy and happy smile. Dental implants will allow you to enjoy life more naturally and experience all the beneficial results of this advanced treatment.

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