Increase jawbone mass with a sinus lift for dental implants

One Day Teeth Replacement at Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Mateo Area

When you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, long-term dental issues can develop. Over time, even if you have replaced your missing tooth or teeth with appliances such as dentures or a dental bridge, your face can take on a shrunken or sunken appearance. This is because the support that was once in place (the roots of your natural teeth) has been lost. When might I need a sinus lift, and how can it help with implant placement? Dental implants are your best bet for preventing these problems from developing. With implants, one-day teeth replacement is possible as … Continue reading

Sinus lift with dental implants is a comfortable procedure in our Redwood City, CA office

Dental Bridges Redwood City

Dr. Shivani Gupta has treated hundreds of patients in her implantology career. Her extensive training and hands-on experience make her a wonderful resource for patients with more complex needs, such as a sinus lift. When you visit the Peninsula Dental Implant Center in Redwood City, CA, you receive care from a team of professionals who understand your desire to restore full functionality and beauty after tooth loss or extraction. We totally understand that the extraction or loss of teeth can impact your ability to eat your favorite foods and speak with confidence. We also know it can impact your self-esteem … Continue reading

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