In Redwood City, beautiful replacement teeth in a day are a permanent solution with implant technology

Teeth in a Day in San Carlos

People are busier today than ever. Sometimes patients are so busy that they deny themselves the care that they desire because it simply does not fit into their busy schedule. Dr. Shivani Gupta of Peninsula Dental Implant Center in Redwood City understands patients’ needs and offers innovative services and care that demonstrate that each patient and his or her time is valued by her practice. One such procedure offered for the convenience and satisfaction of our patients provides the results they want in just one visit It is referred to as teeth in a day.

No one would choose to remain in a dental chair longer than they have to. With the outstanding results that patients achieve with teeth in a day, it isn’t necessary. Once Dr. Gupta has established that a patient is an appropriate candidate for the procedure, a replacement of one tooth, a few teeth, or an entire mouthful of upper and lower teeth is possible. A patient will leave with desired function and beauty, and enjoy a lifetime replacement that looks and feels very natural.

Using the most innovative procedures and equipment available, Dr. Gupta will strategically place implants into the patient’s bone underneath the gums. These implanted rods will serve the purpose of bone stimulation to preserve long-term patient health and bone retention. They will also provide a solid foundation for the tooth or teeth being replaced. One or several may be used, depending on the need, to provide a permanently placed and stable prosthetic held in place by the implants.

Dr. Gupta will examine a patient at a pre-surgery consultation to determine if all conditions are appropriate to achieve a successful outcome. Should any issues be discovered, options for individualized care will be drafted to provide the patient with the best solution for their lifestyle, health, and treatment goals. We encourage you to take the first step towards achieving the smile of your dreams. It won’t be as difficult as you might have imagined. If you live in Redwood, Belmont, or any of the other areas of the Peninsula, we invite you to contact Peninsula Dental Implant Center today to inquire about the teeth in a day procedure and learn how you may benefit. After all, you can allow yourself a day to improve your smile for a lifetime.

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