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Dental professionals know from experience that helps to keep a patient’s own teeth healthy and intact is preferred. There are instances when it does become necessary for a tooth or multiple teeth to be extracted. Dental extractions may be required due to impaction, gum disease, or deterioration that cannot be repaired. Sometimes teeth are removed in preparation for other restorative or cosmetic work that is deemed to be in the best interest of the patient. When recommended, the goal of extraction is to reduce further complications and to render treatment that will provide the healthiest outcome for a patient.

Impacted teeth are teeth that are not able to fully erupt in a person’s mouth. Impacted teeth can cause other problems such as infection or misalignment of existing teeth. While the extraction of impacted teeth is fairly common, it is considered oral surgery. Dr. Shivani Gupta is available for consultations with residents in and around Redwood City at Peninsula Dental Implant Center regarding dental extractions and surgical procedures. Due to the extensive time we’ve spent on these types of procedures, patients can count on a comfortable experience with a positive outcome. Wisdom teeth are common dental extractions. Often, there is no room for these molars to erupt in the mouth. and removing them eliminates complications in the future.

Beginning in the teen years, a person should be evaluated with regards to their wisdom teeth. Some people are able to keep their wisdom teeth and remain healthy. These people have sufficient room for them to surface properly. If you are past your later teens and have not had an examination or discussion about your wisdom teeth, we invite you to call us for an appointment. We will take x-rays to assess what impact these teeth will have on overall oral health. Being proactive in this regard may avoid pain and problems, and negate the need for other treatments that would be required due to complications.

Oral surgery may not be a pleasant term at first, but under the care of Dr. Gupta, it will be. Trust our dentist and staff to know the best steps to take for your unique situation, and skip the pain and discomfort.

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