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Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars to emerge. The majority of people do not have adequate room in the jawbone to accommodate these teeth, which can pose a series of problems. Like the appendix, wisdom teeth are considered vestigial organs because they have little to no common use. Because of this, we recommend removal of the wisdom teeth between the ages of 13 and 21. If you are looking for a dental surgeon near Millbrae, CA to help with wisdom teeth extraction, the team at Peninsula Dental Implants can help.

Problems with wisdom teeth

When there is not sufficient room for wisdom teeth, they can become trapped beneath the bone and tissue, and become impacted. Wisdom teeth can also become partially impacted, which means they begin to erupt through the gum tissue, but cannot fully breakthrough. Impacted and partially impacted teeth can be painful and have the potential to become infected or abscessed. They can cause decay to neighbor teeth and can also create orthodontic problems.

Wisdom teeth removal

Removal of wisdom teeth can be done with local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, or general anesthesia. Once your dental surgeon removes the teeth, the gum tissue will be closed with sutures. Patients will be instructed to bite down on gauze to control any post-operative bleeding.

One of the most concerning side effects of wisdom teeth removal for patients is a dry socket, which occurs when the blood clot is lost from the socket. To prevent dry socket, patients should follow their post-op instructions carefully. Avoid smoking and make sure to keep the area clean and free of disturbances during the healing process.

If you are looking for an experienced dental surgeon in the Millbrae, CA area, call Peninsula Dental Implants today at (650) 232-7650 to schedule a visit with Dr. Gupta.

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