Dentist in Redwood City take the fear out of dental root canal treatment

take the fear out of dental root canal treatment

Let’s face it; root canals have gotten a bad rap. Widely known as a painful or intense procedure, patients are often fearful at the mere mention of root canal treatment. The truth is that root canal treatment does not cause pain, it relieves it. The pain patients experience is the infection in the tooth.

Debunking the root canal myths

As an experienced Redwood City dentist, it’s important to debunk the myth that root canals are painful. To do this, we can explain what a root canal is and why a patient may need one. When the pulp chamber becomes damaged by decay or trauma, it can cause a painful infection around the nerves. When this happens, the only way to alleviate the pain is to eliminate the infection. The two ways to do this are with extraction or root canal therapy.

Our philosophy is to avoid extraction whenever possible, which is why we often recommend root canal treatments.

How root canal treatments work

To eliminate the infection, Dr. Gupta will remove the pulp and nerves. The next step is to clean out the area and remove any traces of bacteria or infection. After this, the tooth is filled and sealed. Because the nerves have been removed, patients will lose feeling in that tooth, but functionality will remain intact. The final step is to place a porcelain dental crown over the tooth to protect it from breakage.

How do I know if I need a root canal?

While most people will experience pain or extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, some may not present with any symptoms. In those cases, the only way to determine if a root canal is necessary is with an x-ray.

If you are experiencing pain, don’t wait to be evaluated, call us today at (650) 232-7650.

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