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Full Mouth Dental Implants in San Carlos CA Area

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, we provide a lasting solution for full mouth teeth replacement in just 24 to 72 hours! Other providers of dental implants in the San Redwood City Area and beyond may advertise “teeth in a day” but the teeth that they provide are only temporary and not custom designed for your smile.  However, the implants placed by our skilled implantologist, Dr. Shivani Gupta, differ from other practices’ approaches to “same-day implants” – for all the right reasons. With Dr. Gupta’s advanced training, onsite diagnostics, CAD/CAM Lab, you get durable teeth in record time.

The truth about teeth in a day 

As its name suggests, patients who undergo teeth-in-a-day processes expect to get strong replacement teeth the same day as their surgical procedures. With conventional same-day approaches, however, dental practices simply deliver an acrylic denture converted into a temporary set of teeth. These temporary teeth are placed after any failing teeth are removed, and on the same day, the implants or artificial tooth roots are positioned in the jawbone. 

The permanent denture can only be designed and fabricated after the bone heals around the implant — several months following the initial surgery. The “same-day” teeth are “place-holders”; they are a twist on regular dentures. They precede the permanent, strong, durable implant-retained dentures you expect from the get-go.

Get to know a fast, predictable, and permanent alternative

Dr. Gupta provides a precision, custom, “fixed” or permanent implant-supported bridge in no more than three days. We do not use a temporary, provisional, or modified denture but we custom design, fabricate and an implant bridge that is reinforced with a titanium metal bar. Likewise, due to the unique nature of the process, no later “try-in” phase is necessary. You get the teeth you’ve always wanted right away. 

Standard denture converted to fit implants
Standard denture converted to fit implants
Custom Designed Bridge with Titanium Bar
Custom Designed Bridge with Titanium Bar

After any remaining failing teeth have been removed and the implants have been positioned, a non-invasive three-dimensional digital scan captures accurate and comprehensive images of patients’ mouths. We ensure the teeth have an excellent foundation and stable platform that supports a lifetime of wear, health, and pride. 

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From there, an attractive and highly functional set of teeth are promptly made to fit the implants perfectly. There is no waiting period or contending with “lesser” modified conventional dentures as implants heal and permanent teeth are later designed and fabricated.

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