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Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist San Carlos

The phrase “full mouth construction” sounds a bit overwhelming. To even consider such an undertaking, a patient should carefully choose a highly qualified provider. The experience and knowledge of the dental professional are vital, as this will require a fairly large investment and the provider’s actions will have a huge impact on a patient’s future oral health. When restoration is done properly, the patient will reap big dividends.

Dr. Shivani Gupta is a dentist and master of implantology at Peninsula Dental Implant Center. This practice invests all of its time and efforts into delivering successful reconstructive processes for their valued patients. For patients in and around Redwood City, or Belmont, in need of major rehabilitation for their oral structure, we recommend a consultation appointment to find out what would be recommended to provide you with the revitalized look and feel of a complete smile makeover. Patients will be examined and we will develop an individualized proposed treatment plan that can be enacted to provide function and beauty for a lifetime.

Patients may need full mouth reconstruction for a variety of reasons. These include poor dental health that results in the loss of teeth from decay or damage. Sometimes patients sustain injuries that result in the loss of a number of teeth. These patients are good candidates for the services we offer. Medical conditions may contribute to a need for an oral overhaul. These vary from damage sustained because of illness or medication, lifestyle choices, or even deterioration in jaw health. Whatever the cause of the issues, we maintain innovative technology and equipment to diagnose and provide patients with a fully functioning and aesthetically-pleasing smile.

Trust in the provider is essential, as patients are making a commitment to their health from their budget. We invite patients who have more questions to call today for an appointment with Dr. Gupta and take the first step towards a dazzling healthy smile in the future with her skilled care. Her experienced office staff can assist you with insurance coverage and determining how to set up payments for such a worthy investment. When all is said and done, we’re quite convinced – based on the reactions of our other satisfied patients – that you’ll be glad you did.

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