There are many reasons that dentists in Redwood City CA put dental crowns on your teeth

Dr. Shivani Gupta at Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Carlos CA explains the reasons for putting dental crowns on your teeth

Many times, patients hear the term dental crown mentioned and are concerned. It appears there is a misperception that having a dental crown placed means that you are losing your natural tooth. In reality, it’s exactly the opposite. Dental crowns save the natural tooth. By the time a patient needs a crown, the natural tooth is in danger of failing.

So, for the sake of patients who have never needed a dental crown, let’s examine “Why do dentists in Redwood City CA put crowns on your teeth?”

To begin, we should start with answering a simpler question: What is a dental crown?

 A dental crown is essentially a cap that is placed over the entire visible portion of the tooth. It is a painless procedure and the results are a natural looking tooth that functions properly and will last for a decade or longer.

Many years ago, the only solution for badly damaged teeth was to remove them. Dental crowns have allowed us to save broken, fractured, or decayed teeth from extraction.

Now on to:  The top reasons why patients may need a dental crown.

1. To protect a tooth that is weak and compromised from deep decay.
2. To stabilize a tooth that is cracked.
3. To save a tooth that is completely broken.
4. To repair a tooth that has become worn due to grinding/bruxism.
5. To cover and strengthen a tooth that has had a large filling.
6. To cover and strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy.
7. As anchors to secure a fixed dental bridge.
8. To cover a tooth that is severely misshapen or permanently discolored.
9. To complete a dental implant.

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns or the other services provided by our team in Redwood City, call (650) 232-7650.

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