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One of the reasons that patients choose Peninsula Dental Implant Center is our state-of-the-art facility. Our team understands that dentistry is continually evolving. We want to provide our patients with the utmost in care through which long-term results are achieved. To do this, we have incorporated the best technologies for the completion of efficient, effective procedures.

3-Dimensional CAT scan machine

Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  - 3-Dimensional CAT scan machine 01 Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  -  3-Dimensional CAT scan machine 02 We consider 3D CT imaging an invaluable tool for what we do. In many practices, dental implant treatment is conducted using only standard 2-dimensional x-rays. We adhere to a higher standard, and believe that the only way to achieve success is through accurate diagnostics and planning.
Our CAT scan machine creates high-definition 3-dimensional images though which we gain the most precise view of the maxillofacial and oral anatomy. At the same time, CT scanning emits very low radiation.
Seeing what we need to see BEFORE surgery eliminates guesswork and surprises.

Intraoral scanner

Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  - Intraoral scanner The standard impression process can be messy, uncomfortable, and inefficient. Peninsula Dental Implant Center uses the TRIOSĀ® digital impression solution to obtain accurate impressions in the most convenient, comfortable manner. The degree of precision achieved with this system means less time in the chair and fewer appointments.

Digital X-Rays

Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  - Digital X-Rays Film x-ray processing has become outdated due to the development of innovative new systems. Always at the forefront of advanced technology, our team has used digital x-ray equipment for several years. Not only is digital imaging more efficient but it is also more comfortable and healthier for our patients, emitting 80 percent less radiation than standard x-rays. Once we capture the desired image, it is transferred immediately to our software program. Here, we can closely analyze specific areas of the teeth as well as nearby structures.


Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  - CEREC CAD/CAM We believe in quality work in as few visits as possible. Many of our patients appreciate the ability to complete restorative care in a single visit using CAD/CAM technology. CEREC restorations, including full crowns, inlays, onlays, and porcelain veneers, can all be custom-designed and fabricated right here in our office in just one day.
Timeliness is a clear advantage of CEREC, but not the only one. We committed to this system because the restorations we create from compressed porcelain are incredibly durable while also looking like natural enamel. The strength of compressed porcelain outperforms layered porcelain, such as is used in most dental labs. For this reason, CEREC restorations may last decades. The process is also extremely convenient, requiring no messy impressions and no temporaries.
Although CEREC is a straightforward technique, it is highly sensitive. We have extensive training and clinical experience in the use of CAD/CAM and the in-house milling of custom restorations. The procedure used requires only a few steps. First, we prepare the tooth by removing unhealthy material. We then shape the tooth so that it will properly retain the restoration. We take a digital image of the tooth as well as a digital impression. Images are transferred to a computer screen on which we design the new restoration with specialized software. Specifications are sent to the in-house milling machine, which processes data and carves the restoration from a block of porcelain. This step takes only about 15 minutes. Once we verify the fit, shape, and color of the restoration, we bond it over the prepared tooth. In about an hour, you are on your way!

Intraoral Camera

Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  - Intraoral Camera Have you ever wondered what your dentist sees when examining your teeth? The intraoral camera allows us to share with you exactly what is going on in your mouth. Our small camera fits comfortably in the mouth and it can be moved over various areas at different angles to identify areas of concern. On our large computer screen, we can zoom in as needed to gain accurate diagnostic information.
In addition to guiding our treatment recommendations, the intraoral camera allows us to explain to you, and to your insurance company, why we want to perform restorative care.

Computer Guided Surgery

Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  - Computer Guided Surgery In the late 1980s, when computer tomography entered the field of dentistry, the way dental implant treatment was conducted improved significantly. Technology, from that point on, became integral to the successful restoration of teeth. Incorporating CT into the planning of dental implants, we gain the more accurate information related to anatomical structures in the mouth and face before we are ready to insert the dental implants.
Essentially, CT scanning and specialized software enable us to perform a virtual surgery before you are in the dental chair. The efficiency gained with this technology means we know exactly where to place implants and at what depth. It also facilitates the fabrication of your final restoration prior to the day of surgery.

Microscopic Surgery

Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  - Microscopic Surgery The Surgical Operating Microscope, or SOM, enables us to view the finest details of teeth, soft tissue, and bone structures. Alone, the naked eye may miss the earliest signs of decay and disease or other subtle changes to teeth and surrounding tissue. With magnification, our diagnostic process is far more accurate and efficient.

Laser and Piezoelectric Surgery

Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  - Laser and Piezoelectric Surgery Historically, surgical incisions have been made with a scalpel. Naturally, incisions have a tendency to bleed and require time for optimal healing. Advances in technology have made it possible for skilled surgeons to complete most procedures without a scalpel. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, we complete many implant procedures without making a single cut. Using the latest laser equipment, we also greatly decrease post-surgical soreness.
Laser surgery involves the use of highly concentrated, filtered light to remove hard and soft tissue gently with incredible accuracy. Energy does not "cut" tissue or irritate healthy tissue that is adjacent to the treatment site. Thermal energy cauterizes tissue, which significantly reduces bleeding and does away with the need for sutures.
Piezoelectric surgery is used to sculpt hard tissue using micro-vibration as opposed to laser or scalpel.

EKG Monitoring

Dental Implant Technology San Carlos  - EKG Monitoring EKG, or electrocardiography, achieves real-time monitoring of cardiovascular activity. EKG machines are found in medical offices, and we believe it is also an important piece of equipment for the dental office. Our team has the necessary training through which monitoring and interpretation are efficiently completed. We also have specific training in emergency medical care.
Being safety conscious and cautious is never a bad thing. While we go to great lengths to ensure problems do not occur during dental treatments, we see absolutely no harm in being prepared for the unforeseen complication or emergency.


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