Preston's Smile Story


Witness Preston's journey from a hesitant smile to brand-new confidence. The 'before' image captures his initial state. Feeling self-conscious, he sought help at Peninsula Dental Implant Center, eager for transformation.

Before the Transformation

Take a look at the 'after' image post-implant procedure. Dr. Gupta and the team's expertise restored his smile, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. No smile is beyond repair!

The Transformation


Explore the artistry behind Preston's smile makeover. Dr. Gupta's skillful hands sculpted not just teeth but confidence, showcasing the transformative power of dental expertise at Peninsula Dental Implant Center.

Crafting Confidence

Join Preston in a heartwarming moment with the Peninsula Dental Implant Center team. It's more than a dental journey—it's a shared moment of compassion, encouragement, and genuine care for every individual's smile transformation.

Shared Joy at the Office

Your Smile Awaits!

Peninsula Dental Implant Center is ready to redefine your smile regardless of your starting point. Preston's story is just one example—your transformation is next.


to schedule an appointment. Your radiant smile awaits its unveiling!