Discover  Richard Mark's  Life Transformation at 95 with  New Fixed Teeth!

By Dr. Shivani Gupta

95-year-old Richard Mark had been toothless for many years and was frustrated with his floppy dentures that made it difficult for him to eat.

He had learned to depend solely on soft foods he could chew with his gums.

Richard had already seen a few oral surgeons and dentists who had turned him down because they thought he was too old for implant surgery.

His dental health had deteriorated, so he needed to see Dr. Gupta right away.

Richard had almost given up when his daughter took him to the Peninsula Dental Implant Center!

Dr. Gupta and Andy restored his smile and dental health to optimum in two weeks, with a complete recovery in just a few days.

Richard is overjoyed with his new fixed permanent teeth. He was smiling big once again after several years and enjoying his favorite food.

He claims he can now eat and chew as he's never done before. What a life-changing outcome!

No one is ever too old to improve their smile and their life.

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