Tooth replacement with dental implants is innovative and yet very straightforward. Success is based on several factors, one of which is bone structure. The condition of the bone is important because implants are tiny posts that take the place of the natural roots. As such, each implant must be stabilized in the jawbone. If the density and height of bone tissue is insufficient, the overall result of treatment may be affected. For this reason, dental implant treatment begins with a full assessment of oral structure.

In the past, insufficient bone density or height would force a patient to consider standard forms of tooth replacement such as dentures. Through ongoing developments in implant dentistry, we now have the ability to reestablish adequate bone structure where it has been lost. Dr. Gupta achieves excellent results with bone grafting for patients who have experienced a breakdown of natural tissue.

Rebuilding structure for ultimate stability

The purpose of bone grafting is to encourage the regeneration of tissue in the jaw. The growth of healthy new bone leads to greater stability for implants and long lasting functionality and a natural appearance. Dr. Gupta has advanced education and extensive training that allow her to achieve outstanding results in a quick, efficient process, even when it is necessary to increase natural bone structure.

The process takes several months to complete, though only a few visits in our comfortable office. We utilize the latest imaging technology, such as CT scan, to identify suitability of bone as well as the strategic placement of dental implants. Bone grafting material may come from another area of the mouth and it may be complemented by biocompatible synthetic substances. In areas where bone tissue has broken down, grafting material can be inserted, often right around an implant post. During the four to five months following this initial procedure, we can expect to see sufficient healthy tissue and optimal stability in the implant. While healing is ongoing, we can attend to the smile’s appearance with a temporary prosthesis.

Once we have confirmed the success of grafting, we move forward with the placement of a long lasting, natural looking restoration. This may be a crown, bridge, or denture, depending on the patient’s needs. Placement of the final restoration takes only a few minutes as we uncover the upper end of the implant and place the prosthetic for long-term use.

The success of dental implants can be encouraged through the bone grafting process. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, you will find the level of expertise and compassionate care that your smile deserves. Schedule your visit with us today.

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