Patient who had given up on his smile gets great results from Dr. Gupta and team!

Marque's Journey to a perfect smile

Marque Cornblatt - Before and After Results, After Image

Marque Cornblatt approached Peninsula Dentistry after years of coping with bad teeth in San Francisco and decided to receive surgical implants on both top and bottom jaws. Several of his teeth were missing; the remaining were loose and unhealthy. During the consultation, a strategy was developed to extract his remaining teeth and insert All-on-6 implants in both jaws. He was promised that the entire procedure could be completed in one day.

The day was long for him, but the entire staff was focused on his procedure and completed the surgery and fitting as promised. The replacement teeth were implanted a few days later, and he has had a full, gorgeous smile ever since. After a few brief follow-up sessions, the bite was perfectly adjusted, and he could eat regular meals within a week or two. He is overjoyed that the cost at Peninsula Dental was substantially lower than estimates from numerous other dental surgeons and that the journey from San Francisco to San Carlos was worthwhile.

Marque Cornblatt - Before and After Results, Before Image-2


Marque Cornblatt - Before and After Results, After Image


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Life Transformation at 95 with new fixed teeth.

Derrek G - After Treatments photo

When 95-year-old Richard Mark, a retired mechanical engineer, visited Dr. Gupta’s office, he could not carry out simple daily tasks without difficulty. He had been without teeth for many years and was tired of the ill-fitting dentures that barely let him eat and had come to rely almost entirely on soft foods that he could chew with his gums. His dental health had deteriorated to a state requiring immediate attention, which is exactly what he received at Peninsula Dental Implant Center!

Richard had already visited a few dentists and oral surgeons who had turned him away because they believed he was too old for implant surgery. He had almost lost hope when his daughter took him to see Dr. Gupta. Within two weeks, Dr. Gupta and Andy, the dental CAD/CAM lab engineer, were able to restore Richard’s smile and dental function to optimum condition, with a full recovery made within a few days. He had good quality jaw bone and no underlying health conditions, which helped him to get through the surgery and healing quickly.

Richard is delighted with his new fixed permanent teeth. “I can now eat and chew like I have never done before. This Thanksgiving was so special because I was smiling again after many years and eating the food that I love so much,” he said. What a life-transforming outcome!

Richard and his family believe that one is never too old to improve one’s smile and transform one’s life. They only wish they had discovered Peninsula Dental Implant Center sooner.

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New teeth that helped gain respect & business growth.

Derrek G - After Treatments photo

Derrek G. had really bad teeth when he sought help from Peninsula Dental Implant Center. He had found it difficult to eat many food items, and his confidence had taken a beating. He was recommended dental implants. Everyone at the dental office was very courteous and treated him well, as they do all patients.

Derrek is pleased with the results and appreciates the great job done by Dr. Shivani Gupta and the staff. He recommends everyone in the San Carlos, CA, area to give Peninsula Dental Implants a try. He considers his experience life-changing and is looking forward to eating all his favorite foods that he has been missing for many years, like steak, burgers, and cake.

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Derrek Gones - Before & After Results, Before Image-2


Derrek Gones - Before & After Results, After Image


Derrek explains his journey of getting dental implants done by Dr. Shivani Gupta

Patient Testimonial - Derrek Gones
Hi, I am Derrek Gones. I'm here to tell my story about my implants and the service you guys provided.

Hi, I am Derrek Gones. I’m here to tell my story about my implants and the service you guys provided.

The first thing that made me come here was the fact that my teeth were horrible. I’ve had drug use that destroyed my teeth. My confidence was down, my breath was bad, and I couldn’t chew any food.

I came here, and you guys fixed the issue. I am super happy. I love my teeth. I am confident. People look at me with more respect. They look at me differently, and that means a lot to me.

Everybody here treated me fair, they were awesome, and I was just all around happy. I couldn’t be happier. I love my smile.

I used to cover my mouth when I would smile. Now I am super confident, and life is good. I want to thank Andy and Peninsula Dental, and I appreciate all of you.

What are you looking forward to doing when all the implants are healed?

I am looking forward to pizza and $150 steak at Ruth’s Chris. I couldn’t chew, and sometimes when chewing, I felt like I would choke, and it was scary to me.

But now I can chew whatever I want. So I am happy and excited about that, and life is good.

How will the new teeth help you in your business?

They help my business tremendously. Before implants, I wouldn’t want to get in front of the camera, and part of my job requires me to be in front of the camera.

Sometimes I would go to a show with the COVID mask on because I didn’t want to show my teeth and was very insecure.

Now I’m in front of the camera. I smile all day, and people who come to get the dogs from me, look at me with more respect.

They want to buy a dog from a person who has a beautiful smile like this.

How has your relationship with your girlfriend improved?

That is much better. While driving here, my girlfriend wouldn’t even turn toward my side because she didn’t want to smell my breath. My breath is fine now, with no issues. Our passion is back because she didn’t want to kiss me earlier.

I am going to Italy soon on a family trip. My mom’s from Albania, so we’re probably going to cross the Mediterranean sea and go to Albania as well. I am ready for all the selfies.

Is it really worth the pain and the money spent?

100%. I went through a little pain, I’ll be honest, but I will say this is 100% worth it. You feel better, you look better, and it is worth every penny spent.

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