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Dental implants are the ideal solution for tooth replacement. Implants are effective in place of one or more missing teeth, up to supporting a complete set of dentures. Implants have been used for dental restoration for many years. Technology continues to evolve to make the process even more desirable. One example is the A4 Complete Implant Solution treatment to provide a patient with support and stability for a full denture. Amazing results can be obtained from a simple procedure conducted in the dental office, delivering long-lasting satisfaction for patients in need of total replacement.

Patients in and around Redwood City have access to an experienced dental implant professional – Dr. Shivani Gupta of Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Carlos. By making a consultation appointment, patients can discover if the A4 Complete Implant Solution treatment could be their ideal solution for their denture needs. Through a simple surgical procedure, strategic placement of only four implants, secure the dentures. This is such an improvement to dentures that would previously slip out of place. Once secured to the implants, a patient will enjoy function and durability to rival that of a healthy set of natural teeth.

Many people do not realize that implant surgery is safely performed during a very brief outpatient visit. Patients generally require only local anesthetic for a pain-free procedure and experience only mild discomfort following the procedure for a few days. Normal activity can be resumed quickly while enjoying a temporary set of teeth. Once healing has taken place and the implants and bone have fused together, permanent dentures will be placed to finish the patient’s smile perfectly.

To find out if the A4 Complete Implant Solution treatment could be your answer to teeth replacement, we invite you to schedule a consultation. During this visit, we will examine your oral health to determine suitability for dental implants, and formulate the treatment plan that will lead to your ideal outcome. Many providers offer implant technology, but not all have the expertise and experience you will find at the Peninsula Dental Implant Center.

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