The Key to Stress-Free Dental Implant Treatment with Sleep Dentistry

IV Sedation for Dental Implants in Menlo Park CA Area

Dental implants are excellent for restoring lost teeth as they look, feel, and act like the “real” deal. At the same time, implants require oral surgery, which may make you anxious or fearful about this treatment. Peninsula Dental Implant Center offers sleep dentistry to patients living in Menlo Park, California, the perfect solution to relieving dental anxiety so you can have stress-free implant treatment. Here’s what you should know about sedation dentistry services.

Purpose of Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is designed for people who experience anxiety, fear, or stress over dental care. Even minor dental services like cleanings or cavity treatment can cause some people anxiety, keeping them far from the dental chair.

Sleep dentistry uses special medications to help you relax during dental treatments. For minor services like cleanings or fillings, Dr. Shivani Gupta may use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation to relieve stress and tension for minor services like cleanings or fillings. For surgical procedures like dental implants, we offer IV sedation, where medication is administered through your vein to provide a calming, relaxing effect. The whole purpose of sleep dentistry is to relieve anxiety and fear over dental care so you can get the services you need to maintain good oral health.

IV Sedation for Dental Implants

IV sedation is commonly used for dental implant surgery to keep patients calm and relaxed during their procedure. You’ll remain conscious during treatment but be so relaxed that you’ll feel no discomfort, anxiety, or fear. In addition to the sedation, Dr. Gupta will use anesthesia to numb your jaw, so you feel no pain during your treatment.

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Some of the significant benefits of IV sedation are:

  • The medication works quickly, relieving all anxiety and fear.
  • Afterward, you won’t remember what occurred during your treatment.
  • The medication can be adjusted throughout your procedure to make you feel more comfortable if needed.
  • The medication lasts hours, making it effective for complex or multiple treatments.

Sleep Dentistry Near Me in Menlo Park, California

To learn more about our sedation dental services, contact Dr. Shivani Gupta from Peninsula Dental Implant Center at (650) 232-7650.

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