The Key to Stress-Free Dental Implant Treatment with Sleep Dentistry

IV Sedation for Dental Implants in Menlo Park CA Area

Dental implants are excellent for restoring lost teeth as they look, feel, and act like the “real” deal. At the same time, implants require oral surgery, which may make you anxious or fearful about this treatment. Peninsula Dental Implant Center offers sleep dentistry to patients living in Menlo Park, California, the perfect solution to relieving dental anxiety so you can have stress-free implant treatment. Here’s what you should know about sedation dentistry services. Purpose of Sleep Dentistry Sleep dentistry is designed for people who experience anxiety, fear, or stress over dental care. Even minor dental services like cleanings or cavity … Continue reading

What is the expected recovery time following tooth extractions?

Tooth Extraction Recovery Time Near Me in San Francisco Area

There are many reasons why patients in the San Francisco, California area may have a natural tooth extracted. Perhaps they are preparing an implant to replace a tooth that can not be saved. Or they need full mouth tooth extractions for orthodontic work to address overcrowding. Maybe they need to get the smile ready for full dentures. Whatever the reason, one of the typical questions is about the recovery time needed following a tooth extraction procedure. Dr. Gupta can educate patients on the aftercare instructions that should be followed after tooth extraction procedures. What is the expected recovery time after … Continue reading

Solutions for anxious dental patients

Best Dental Anxiety Solution Near Me in San Francisco Area

If you find yourself ready to cancel your dental appointment before the day even comes due to anxiety and fear, you are a patient dealing with dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a common issue that can arise in patients of all ages. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, Dr. Gupta and her team can help ease anxiety with a solution: oral conscious sedation or IV Sedation. Oral conscious sedation is a sedation method available for anxious patients in the San Francisco, California area who are searching for a positive dental experience “near me” with a reliable, trustworthy professional. What is oral … Continue reading

An Exploration into How a Dental Implant Can Save Your Jawbone From Deterioration

Single Tooth Dental Implant Near Me in San Francisco Area

You are missing a single tooth (or multiple teeth) and have become self-conscious about your smile. What do you do? Patients in the Los Altos, California area turn to Dr. Shivani Gupta and the team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center for more info on tooth replacement options. Dentists offer several tooth replacement options, but there isn’t a more effective option available to you than an affordable dental implant. Dental implants are incredibly durable, provide the strength needed for standard tooth functionality, and (when cared for properly) will last you a lifetime. Why Choose Dental Implants? While there may be cheaper … Continue reading

Why Choosing Invisalign Is Great for Those Looking for an Easy and Less Time Consuming Orthodontic Experience

Invisalign Clear Aligners Near Me in San Francisco Area

It used to be that almost any orthodontic problem would need to be treated with an appliance such as traditional metal braces. It did not matter if the patient’s teeth only needed minor to moderate adjustment; braces would be required. Thanks to the constant evolution of dental technology, the Invisalign treatment system is available to patients in the San Francisco, California, area for minor to moderate orthodontic issues. Dr. Shivani Gupta welcomes you to Peninsula Dental Implant Center so that she can explain how clear aligners can help teeth that are misaligned, need straightening, or have an under/overbite. Easy Care … Continue reading

The Importance of Proper-Fitting Quality Dentures

Quality Dentures in Mountain View Area

It is difficult for a person when they learn they will need to have all their natural teeth pulled and replaced with dentures due to decay or gum disease. It is highly detrimental to a person to have missing teeth and not feel that they can smile when out in the world. Your smile directly affects your confidence, so it is essential that you know that you can smile freely. One way of replacing missing teeth is with dentures. What Are Dentures? Regular dentures are the cheapest way to get a new complete set of teeth. Dentures are made to … Continue reading

What Does Teeth in a Day Mean for You and Your Smile?

Same Day Dental Implants in San Francisco CA Area

It is difficult enough to come to terms with the fact that you need to have all your teeth pulled due to severe gum disease or decay. Your smile is one of your most important assets and one of the first things people notice about you. Your smile, or lack of one, can affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. One way to bring back your natural smile after you lose your teeth is through dental implants. Dental implants will help prevent jawbone loss, provide you with the proper chewing power and the ability to speak clearly, and act and look just … Continue reading

The Dental Implants Procedure for a Beautiful Smile

How Long Teeth Implants in Last Menlo Park Area

Whether you need to restore one missing tooth or a whole mouthful of teeth, dental implants have become the best possible option since they look and act like your natural teeth. If you have been searching online for “how long do teeth implants last,” this article is for you. The Benefits of a Dental Implant Procedure If you have missing or decayed teeth, dental implants may be an excellent choice for you. They are also a perfect option for dentures if you need all your natural teeth removed since they act as permanent teeth. Dentures can slip while speaking to … Continue reading

Everything you need to know about implant-supported dentures

Implant-Supported Dentures in San Francisco Area

If you’ve lost some or all your teeth, you might think your fate is sealed by wearing traditional dentures for the rest of your life. However, the good news is that you can get a stable solution to replace your teeth from the Peninsula Dental Implant Center in the San Francisco bay area. We provide implant-supported dentures, which are a middle ground between traditional dentures and full-arch dental implants. What are implant-supported dentures? If you are looking for a cost-effective teeth replacement option that improves your oral functionality significantly, implant-supported dentures are the way to go. Unlike traditional dentures that … Continue reading

Dental implants are a cost-effective means to replace lost teeth

How Much Teeth Implants Cost in San Mateo Area

Although the initial cost of dental implants is higher than other dental procedures, implants are a cost-effective means of replacing missing teeth over the long haul. Implants are the only restoration that replaces your entire tooth root, not just the crown, so they more closely resemble natural teeth. If you’re considering dental implant treatment, it’s to your advantage to visit the Peninsula Dental Implant Center serving residents in San Mateo, California. Why dental implants are cost-effective Contrary to popular opinion, dental implants aren’t a “luxury” treatment. The long-term benefits of implants help offset higher up-front costs. These benefits include: A … Continue reading

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