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Bridges and Crowns

With crown or bridge treatment, your smile is restored to better health and beauty.

Dental crowns

The purpose of a dental crown is to protect a tooth that has become fragile. Crowns are sometimes called caps because they look like a hollow tooth. In the process of restoration, a crown is cemented onto the natural tooth, where it can remain for decades with good care.

Saving teeth with additional protection

Dr. Gupta may be highly experienced in the area of tooth replacement, but she remains committed to the preservation of healthy tooth structure when possible. In many cases, a crown can save a tooth from extraction. There are several situations in which crowning a tooth makes the most sense:
  • To protect a brittle tooth after root canal therapy
  • To repair a deep cavity or crack
  • To cover a broken tooth
  • To disguise a cosmetic imperfection such as irregular shape or intrinsic discoloration
  • To protect a badly worn down tooth
Crowns are made to look and feel like a natural tooth. We design crowns with high quality materials such as gold or porcelain. Using imaging and impressions, we ensure that crowns are comfortable and functional, fitting well against opposing teeth when chewing.


Dental bridges, in most cases, involve the use of dental crowns. A bridge can be stabilized by two teeth onto which crowns are cemented. The purpose of bridgework is to close a gap after tooth loss. When a natural tooth is lost or extracted, there are consequences beyond the cosmetic appearance of the smile. In the absence of support, bone begins to break down and teeth near of the gap drift. As small spaces are created between shifting teeth, bacteria have more places to collect. Ultimately, this sets the stage for the deterioration of oral health.
Bridging a gap in the smile is a simple process. We prepare the teeth on each side of the gap and take impressions of the area. The bridge includes two crowns and a pontic. Once this prosthetic is ready, it is affixed to the abutment teeth. The pontic sits on the gums in the empty space. We understand that your comfort and peace of mind is linked to your smile. While your bridge is being made in the dental lab, we can place a temporary bridge to wear in the interim.

Gaining stability with implants

A standard bridge is stabilized on two natural teeth. This may not be ideal for a few different reasons. As much as possible, we like to leave healthy teeth intact. With dental implants, we can do this. If a single tooth needs to be replaced, we can insert a single implant and top it with a lifelike crown. If there are several teeth missing, a bridge of multiple teeth can be stabilized with just a few implants.


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