Tooth replacement technology has come a long way since the clunky, artificial-looking dentures and bridges of years past. With more options than ever before, it can be difficult to determine which type of tooth replacement is best for you. Because dentures tend to cost less up front than dental implants, many patients lean towards dentures at first. However, although dentures look and feel more natural today than ever before, there are several advantages of dental implants over dentures that we urge patients to consider:
  • Dentures can slip out of place, even when denture adhesive is used, which can lead to embarrassing situations and discomfort when eating; dental implants become part of your jaw structure and function just like a normal, healthy tooth
  • With dentures, you can’t eat all your favorite foods, whereas with dental implants, no food is off limits
  • Dentures can promote infection and disease in the surrounding teeth and tissues, especially if they do not fit properly; dental implants do not cover or impact the surrounding teeth in any way
  • Dentures eventually need to be replaced and may warp over time, whereas implants can last a lifetime if taken care of properly
  • Dentures require special care and cleaning, but with dental implants, you simply floss and brush as you normally would
One of the biggest questions patients have when it comes to dental restorations is what the cost will be. There are many affordable options for tooth replacements, but when you are considering what the best option is, it important to consider not only the up-front cost, but also your costs down the road. Dental implants cost more initially than other options such as bridges or partial dentures, but they will save you future trips and dental bills because they can last a lifetime when you take care of your teeth. In addition, when you consider the impact on your quality of life, there is no comparison for dental implants. Simply put, they are the best replacement for a natural tooth – they are stronger, more durable, and look and feel the best. That translates into less worrying about your teeth, the ability to enjoy your favorite foods, and more time to focus on what matters most to you in life. We understand that dental restorations are a big financial commitment and offer options such as 0% interest financing to help fit your implants into your budget with smaller monthly payments.
Most patients with one or more missing teeth are good dental implant candidates! One of the biggest considerations when planning for dental implants is the quality and amount of jawbone in the area that the implant needs to be placed. However, even if your jawbone has deteriorated, there are options available to restore your bone enough to place implants, such as bone grafting. We also have treatment options for patients whose gums or teeth in the surrounding area need to be restored back to health prior to their implant placement.
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Peninsula Dental Implant Center in Redwood City, CA has been providing complete dental implant services, which are personalized, affordable, and convenient since its establishment in 2015.

The practice is operated by Dr. Shivani Gupta, DDS, Master ICOI, who has over 18 years of experience in dentistry, of which a decade has been in providing dental implants to patients. She is assisted by Front Desk Coordinator Sheyla, dental CAD/CAM lab engineer Andy, surgical assistant Karolyn, and Dental Assistants Azam, Daniel and Eddie.

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