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Immediate Implant with temporary tooth

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, your concerns are treated with the most conservative methods available. When replacing missing or failing teeth, we remain committed to this goal of conservative care. With advanced technology and a streamlined process, we maximize your benefit and minimize the time you spend rebuilding your smile.
In some instances, we may be able to replace a falling tooth immediately. The immediate placement of an implant or implants after tooth removal is actually quite significant because this process can expedite healing. When we look at the anatomy of the mouth, we can quickly identify the reasons for immediate insertion of implants after extraction.
Each tooth is situated in a socket. When a tooth is removed, the socket is empty. Over time, this area becomes filled with bone tissue. If this occurs, a new socket must then be created in order to insert a dental implant.

The standard two-step process

In cases when bone tissue has grown into an empty socket, preparation must take place before we can insert an implant. Creating a new socket causes no pain to you and it is as successful as immediate implant treatment. The extra step simply means that we drill a small opening into which we can place the implant. After insertion, we cover the implant with gum tissue and leave it to heal for several months. During this time, bone fuses around the implant. This step leads to the outstanding stability implants are known for.
Step two in this approach involves uncovering the implant, again without pain, and placing an abutment, (connective piece) to the post. After this step, a few more weeks of recovery are needed. During this time, gum tissue is settling around the visible portion of the implant. In the final step, your beautiful new restoration can be attached to the implant abutment.

Streamlining with immediate implant placement

The ideal time for implant placement is after tooth extraction before bone has grown into the socket. Not only does this eliminate the need to create an opening to place the implant, but it also seems to speed up the growth of bone around the implant.
Dr. Gupta has extensive training in planning, placement, and follow-up of dental implant treatment. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, we can help you get your smile back on track quickly.


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