Sinus lift can improve the outcome of implant surgery

There are very good reasons to visit a highly trained, decorated implant dentist such as Dr. Shivani Gupta. A member of the prestigious International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Gupta knows what is needed to achieve success in tooth replacement. For dental implant success, the key element is bone structure.

Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone to replace roots. In order for implant posts to remain stable, they must be well supported by bone tissue. In some cases, the quality or quantity of bone is lacking and we must accommodate. When planning upper implants, in particular, Dr. Gupta uses exceptional precision in which she considers bone loss as well as the sinus cavity. When bone tissue decreases in the upper arch, there is a risk that the sinus cavity will become enlarged. In the past, this type of problem might have disqualified a patient for implant treatment. Today, we handle this issue with a sinus lift.

What a sinus lift does

Sinus lift surgery is not painful. We administer local anesthetic and offer patients the option for sedation to calm anxiety. The procedure focuses on gently lifting the sinus floor. When this is done, healthy new bone naturally grows into the area. Several techniques may achieve the desired outcome. Dr. Gupta determines the most suitable procedure during a thorough consultation and examination.

One of the most frequently used techniques for a sinus lift is to expose the bone of the upper jaw and make a small opening. The circular piece of bone that is cut for the opening is not removed. Rather, it is gently moved slightly into the sinus cavity. This is not painful during the procedure nor after. In some cases, we can even place implants during this procedure, saving you from another visit and surgical procedure. Sometimes, however, we must give the body time to develop new bone so the implants can be stabilized.

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, our goal is to achieve outstanding success. Dr. Gupta specializes in implant dentistry and she has completed extensive focused training that is not found in every dental practice.

With sinus lift surgery, the bone structure in the upper arch is improved in a way that facilitates stability. Promoting the regeneration of bone tissue also leads to greater support for facial muscles and tissues. Through the careful treatment of bone tissue and the sinus, Dr. Gupta sets her patients up for lasting results beyond their expectations.

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