Dentists do everything possible to help patients keep their natural teeth. There are some instances, however, in which extraction may be best. A primary example of beneficial extraction is wisdom teeth. Dr. Shivani Gupta performs wisdom tooth extraction as well as simple extractions of diseased or damaged teeth with precise techniques, local anesthetic, and sedation when desired, to create maximum comfort.

Why we remove wisdom teeth

Tooth Extraction treatment

Wisdom teeth are molars that can create problems with oral health. Due to the high likelihood of complications from growth, the best care of wisdom teeth is often to extract them. In some instances, we do see wisdom teeth erupt properly. If we take a “wait and watch” approach to these molars, we monitor their growth closely to ensure that infection and pain are avoided. In most cases, there is not enough room in the back of the mouth for wisdom teeth.

When there is insufficient space for a tooth to grow in straight, it may grow in at an angle. Sometimes, wisdom teeth can even grow downward. When growth is not in an upward motion or when this growth is blocked by another tooth, the wisdom tooth is impacted. Impaction means the tooth is trapped beneath the gums. Here, it can cause pain and may become infected. Partial growth can be just as concerning because the partially erupted tooth leaves a flap of skin under which food, bacteria, and plaque can accumulate. Although temporary, infection and pain are usually the result of this condition.

How teeth are removed at Peninsula Dental Implant Center

Dr. Gupta recommends extraction if a wisdom tooth is impacted, damaged, or does not have enough space to grow in properly. In some cases, only one or two teeth are removed. In others, we remove all four wisdom teeth. The procedure is made comfortable with local anesthetic that will numb the mouth. For multiple extractions, many patients also choose mild sedation that allows them to feel like they sleep through treatment. We are happy to discuss this option with you before your procedure.

The process of removing teeth will depend on their position in the mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth require a small incision, whereas teeth that have grown in may not. Dr. Gupta provides details of the process during the pre-extraction visit if the patient would like to know the steps involved.

What to expect after wisdom tooth removal

Patients who undergo treatment with sedation will need to be driven home by a friend or family member. Gauze, which we supply, will need to be kept in place to control bleeding and can be changed as needed. The day of and possibly the day after extraction, rest is highly recommended. Lying flat, however, should be avoided.

As numbing medication wears off, soreness may be felt. This is normal and is manageable with prescribed medication and ice compresses to the cheeks. If bleeding is noticed after 24 hours, contact our office.

You are in good hands with the experienced team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center. Contact our office today for your checkup.

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