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We invite you to become acquainted with the team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center, where Dr. Shivani Gupta provides focused care with implant dentistry. We are genuinely concerned about the results we can achieve for each one of our patients, regardless of how simple or how complicated their needs are.
Dr. Gupta has chosen to specialize in implant dentistry because she believes in what can be accomplished with implants. Researchers, dentists, and their patients agree that dentistry has been revolutionized by the development of dental implants. Now, the way that we look at oral health issues and the way we treat them is far different than it was just a few decades ago. Old ways are quickly becoming antiquated, especially in the area of tooth replacement.
In our eyes, the patient comes first. Every case is approached with a fresh perspective and a commitment to the outcome. Dr. Gupta performs all levels of care right here in our office with the aid of computer imaging or other advanced technology.
Dental implant treatment is not hard to find. The level of service that we provide, however, cannot be replicated in every dental practice. There are several features of our practice that we believe make us stand out.

Expedited care

It used to be that tooth replacement with dental implants occurred over several visits and many months. Because Dr. Gupta is a full-time implantologist with very specific training and equipment, many of our cases can be planned and performed over just a few visits or, in some cases, just one!

Conservative treatment

Tooth replacement with dental implants need not be complicated. Dr. Gupta uses a number of techniques through which very few incisions are needed to complete care.
  • Computer guided planning shows us exactly where to place implant posts.
  • Sinus lift surgery is performed with only small holes rather than a larger opening. We can then place implants right into these holes, achieving two goals with just one cut.
  • Using high magnification loupes, microscopes, and micro-surgical instruments, we perform surgeries with the micro-surgical technique derived from brain and vascular surgical protocols.

Patient comfort

While we are focused on excellence of results, we also want our patients to have a pleasant experience as we treat their smile. Our use of micro-surgical protocols and specialized instruments and technologies is all geared towards patient comfort. We use modern anesthetics and offer sedation to ease anxiety.

Careful planning

We do not rush smile restoration. Dr. Gupta considers the numerous factors that could affect the outcome, and allots ample time to complete each surgery. Her level of knowledge, experience, and familiarity with modern biologics all combine to achieve the best possible results for each patient.


One of the reasons that we can complete care quickly without diminishing results is our use of the right technology. Dr. Gupta is experienced with CT imaging, which gives us a thorough look into the maxillofacial anatomy well before we are ready to put implants into place. 3D imaging shows us the important details of bone structure and it allows us to plan the strategic placement of implants around nerves and the sinus cavity. CT scanning is not the standard of care in implant treatment. Because Dr. Gupta is an implantologist, she insists on nothing less.

Continual assessment

In many offices, implant treatment involves multiple practitioners. The dentist may design restorations and an oral surgeon may insert implants. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, the entire process is completed right here, by one team. We are fully responsible for each step of restoration, from planning, to insertion of implants, to follow up with final prosthetics. Dr. Gupta has years of experience, and her continual assessment of performance allows her control over the quality of her work. With our team, work is done right the first time.

Commitment to improvement

Dr. Gupta is highly educated and specifically trained in implant dentistry. She has achieved mastership with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and she is a member of prestigious dental organizations. While impressive, her accomplishments do not stop her from understanding that she still has more to learn. Dentistry is constantly evolving, as is implantology. For this reason, Dr. Gupta continues her education and always will.
Continued training goes beyond new techniques and technologies, Dr. Gupta also continues to receive up-to-date training in the area of emergency medicine such as advanced cardiac life support, airway management, emergency medication, and more.
Your smile, your health, and your peace of mind are all important to our team. Learn more about us in your consultation at Peninsula Dental Implant Center.


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