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Burlingame Dental Implant Treatment

A lost or extracted tooth can negatively impact the smile. Not only does it result in a gap between teeth, but it can affect the ability of a patient to eat, speak, and smile. It also can result in bone loss in the jaw. When patients are faced with tooth loss and replacement in the Burlingame area, they are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Shivani Gupta and the staff at Peninsula Dental Implant Center to discuss their options, which may include treatment with a dental implant.

Discuss the advantages of dental implants

Dental implants are just one of several ways to replace missing teeth, including:

  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures

Dr. Shivani Gupta finds dental implants to be the most desirable option for patients because of their durability and longevity. When patients choose dental implants, which are titanium posts restored in a variety of ways, they will enjoy them for their entire life when they properly care for them over time. Dental implants also maintain bone structure, stay in the jawbone securely, and are natural-looking. They look and function just like the natural tooth once did. These are the “gold standard” in tooth replacement for many Burlingame area patients.

Are dental implants safe?

Yes! Dental implants are made of titanium, which is a metal that will not corrode and will stimulate the process of osseointegration, or bone growth, once placed. They are biocompatible with the body and will not rust or result in an allergic reaction. We encourage patients to learn more about dental implants and their safety during a consultation visit with our team.

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Are dental implants affordable?

One downside of dental implants is their overall cost. However, once patients realize the cost is to replace their natural tooth for the rest of their life, they are often more at ease when they understand that it is a wonderful investment in their smile. Other restorations such as bridges and dentures may cost more over a lifetime because they often need to be replaced or adjusted. Implants are a “once and done” restoration that only requires one surgical treatment and then a lifetime of beauty!

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are best for candidates who have sufficient bone structure in their jaw. Patients may consider the advantages of bone grafting prior to placement if they have an insufficient bone.

Ready to learn more about implants?

Contact the team of Peninsula Dental Implant Center today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shivani Gupta and move forward with learning the benefits of this and other tooth replacement options available in her facility. Her practice is in San Carlos, CA at 1201 St. Francis Way and serves patients in and around the communities of Burlingame, Foster City, Belmont, and Redwood City. Contact the front office for an appointment at (650) 232-7650. We are committed to building positive relationships and providing comprehensive dental care solutions for patients in the area.

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