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A4 Complete Implant Solution

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Restore your best smile in just a day

Do your dentures meet your needs for comfort and functionality? Do you find that you become anxious when speaking with someone or when dining out due to a poorly fitting denture? Is your smile in need of repair but you avoid a life with dentures? At the Peninsula Dental Implant Center, you can find a solution that can meet your needs for natural beauty, functional chewing, and more. A4 Complete implant solution treatment is a great way to restore your smile and your confidence quickly.

Reap the benefits of our A4 complete implant solution system

For generations, men and women who have lost all of their natural teeth have found a solution in a removable denture. While this approach has been widely used for many decades, there have been certain disadvantages that, until recently, patients had no choice but to accept. A4 Complete Implant Solution, in which the removable denture is stabilized atop four dental implants, provides the confidence you deserve in a very streamlined process.
It may seem as though four implants is not nearly enough to stabilize a full arch of teeth. On the contrary, Dr. Gupta uses advanced technology and precision techniques to strategically position implants for the greatest amount of support. Due to the accuracy of this technique, very few patients require bone grafting to achieve the desired outcome. Because the four implants continue to supply the bone with stimulation, the jawbone is preserved for many years.

How the A4 complete implant solution process works

Dental implant treatment is more than fifty years old now. In the time since its early development, the process, materials, technology, and other factors that lead to success have all been improved. With conventional techniques, no fewer than six dental implants would be used to stabilize a denture. Patients treated with this method may also have had to wait up to a year for the full restoration of their smile and were more likely to need bone grafting.
The scientifically based streamlined A4 complete implant solution approach to tooth replacement can achieve results that are equal to or greater than the All-on-Six method, and in a shorter length of time. Peninsula Dental Implant Center focuses on implantology. This means that our patients can complete their entire smile restoration right here in our office. From beginning to end, Dr. Gupta uses her extensive knowledge and the latest imaging technologies to achieve the outcome needed for each patient.

Implant surgery

Many people assume that dental implant treatment is complex and uncomfortable. In truth, the process is made comfortable with local anesthetic alone. If you feel nervous about your treatment, we are happy to discuss sedation. In terms of lengthiness, the insertion of implants takes only a few minutes due to our previous planning and computer guided techniques.
After the insertion of implants, Dr. Gupta affixes a temporary denture that will remain in place while tissues and bone heal around the implants beneath the gums. Within a few months, the fusion of bone around implants will allow us to place the permanent denture.
Your dentures don't have to look like those that your grandmother wore. To see how natural your smile can look and feel, call the Peninsula Dental Implant Center.


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Peninsula Dental Implant Center
Rating : 5 All on Four Implants San Carlos- Five Star Review

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