What are the costs of placing and restoring dental implants?

Dental Implants in Pacificahalf Moon Bay Area

Tooth loss and extraction can occur, sometimes outside of one’s control. However, there are many choices available for replacing these missing teeth! Dr. Shivani Gupta and her team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center find that patients in Pacifica, California, have several options to select from when considering tooth replacement. While dental implants tend to be a popular solution for many of our patients, patients are often worried about their cost.

The actual cost of dental implants varies depending on several factors. These include:

How many teeth are being replaced with dental implants? The more teeth being replaced with dental implants, the more implants need to be placed, which can increase the overall cost.

How are the dental implants being restored? There are several ways to restore a dental implant. Bridges, dentures, and crowns are just a few. These all come at different price points and need to be considered when thinking about dental implant pricing.

Does your insurance provide coverage? Some dental insurance plans provide partial coverage for dental implants and the restorations to place over them, while others do not. Be sure to bring your dental insurance card with you to your appointment so our front office team can determine if there are any benefits you can use to lower your out-of-pocket costs.

Actual Patient Results

Before and After image of Dental Implants in Pacificahalf Moon Bay Area

Do you need any preparatory procedures? Patients without sufficient bone to place dental implants may need additional treatments to prepare the area for implants in the future. These include procedures such as bone grafting, which allows the dentist to build up the jawbone to successfully place an implant later on.

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