Never go without teeth! Dentist near Los Altos CA rebuilds smiles with same-day implants, time-saving services

Dentist Near Los Altos Ca Area Rebuilds Smiles with Same-day Implants

Dr. Shivani Gupta successfully completed the stringent educational and clinical requirements to achieve “Master” designation with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). Dr. Gupta also completed nearly a year long American Association of Implant Dentistry (AAID) program and passed the written and oral surgical case presentation exams to attain the coveted Associate Fellow certification. She has also invested in a range of sophisticated equipment and software such as 3D CT scan, intra-oral and facial scanners and along with her husband who is a mechanical engineer built an advanced CAD/CAM dental lab with milling machines and 3D printers. Together, these investments in continuing education and technologies contribute to not only quality, comprehensive implant services, but also to a comfortable, cost-effective, convenient, and efficient experience. As your same day dentist near Los Altos CA, Dr. Gupta looks forward to introducing you to the ease of advanced dentistry, performed skillfully from the Peninsula Dental Implant Center in Redwood City, CA.

 Same-day implants

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, it is possible to arrive with a mouthful of missing or badly decayed teeth, and to leave our office a short time later with a completely new and healthy smile! Dr. Gupta’s knowledge and experience with alternative implants systems allow for her to place implants immediately following extractions, and to place temporary restorations following the placement of overlying implants. If you are a good candidate for these systems, Dr. Gupta may place as little as four implants, at strategic angles and with special abutments or connector pieces, to support an entire arch of upper and/or lower teeth. This approach offers many benefits, including:

  • You avoid the need for additional procedures to “rebuild” the tooth socket at the extraction site. Depending on the depth and size of the site, your tooth’s socket will replenish two-thirds of its bone in as little as eight weeks! By approximately four months after the procedure, the socket left behind is filled with the new bone growth created by a process called osseointegration. Immediate treatment avoids the need for Dr. Gupta to create a new “socket,” which requires additional time for healing before the abutment and restoration can be placed.
  • You avoid the need for additional procedures to restore lost bone in the jaw, such as grafting or a sinus lift procedure. You may have heard about the process of bone loss, known as resorption, that occurs when you have missing teeth. Consider that the shape of the jaw in the immediate area around the extraction site can be permanently altered without intervention from dental professionals. The bone’s original height decreases during the healing process, resulting in a recessed, saddle-shaped area. Bone width also deteriorates; dimensional changes to the back teeth (premolars and molars) can run as high as 50% 12 months post-extraction! Height and width changes are collectively known as “resorption of the alveolar ridge,” or the part of the jaw that holds the teeth in place.
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CEREC “tooth in a day” is another way to quickly and easily restore the dental implant abutment

Dr. Gupta offers all aspects of the implants process in-house. Just as technology and advanced knowledge have resulted in a streamlined implant process, patients who require other forms of tooth restoration or replacement can benefit from these advancements in dentistry; for instance, full and partial crowns, inlays, and porcelain veneers can be made in a matter of minutes, while you wait, from a block of the finest, durable compressed dental ceramic. Our onsite milling machine precisely shapes these restorations, which are designed with sophisticated software and are based on digital images and tooth impressions.

Within three days you can have your bad or failing teeth extracted along with four to six implants placed and a new set of teeth replaced. Dr. Gupta with her proprietary treatment workflow and her own lab, is able to provide this All-on-4 treatment in a couple of days while at other places it can take many months to get the final set of teeth. 

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Additionally, many other capabilities, such as computer-guided surgery and laser-assisted implants placement, help to accelerate the process of getting a new and improved smile and enhance the process and outcomes. So, you have a no-stress experience! Call (650) 232-7650 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Gupta at Peninsula Dental Implant Center in Redwood City, CA. Her office is conveniently located at 3045 Middlefield Rd and is open to new patients.

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