Dr. Gupta helps patients from San Carlos and neighboring cities regain confidence and comfort with expert dental implant care.

Guided Implant Dentistry

Dr. Shivani Gupta has designed Peninsula Dental Implant Center as a practice where you can receive the highest quality of care. As an advanced practitioner with a lengthy background of education and training, Dr. Gupta is proud of using the latest proven technologies for implant dentistry. One of the tools we employ to help you get the most out of your implant care is computer-guided surgery.
Computer tomography, better known as the CT scan, has been a commonly used medical technology for decades. Using this technology enables us to raise the level of quality of care and we are happy we can do this! The use of CT scan imaging at the onset of the surgical process allows Dr. Gupta to see not just teeth and bone tissue but also various other vital structures in and around the mouth, as well.
CT scanning, used in conjunction with other technologies, provides us with the ability to "perform" surgery virtually, in advance of the actual procedure. Accurate imaging takes the guesswork out of the process and shows us exactly where implants should be placed, how deep, and at what angle. Gaining an incredible level of detail with pre-surgery imaging, we are also able to design and fabricate restorations before the insertion of implants. This often means that we can complete the entire smile restoration in a single procedure. These benefits are not possible with standard x-ray imaging.
Computer guided implant dentistry has fewer risks, is more streamlined, more accurate, and accomplishes excellent results for our patients. Images are captured in a comfortable, convenient process that emits less radiation than standard x-rays.
We are here for you. If you want to get back the confidence, comfort, and the functional feel that you had with natural teeth, our team is happy to answer your questions and lead you to the best treatment for your needs. Dr. Gupta has focused her career on implant dentistry, and has helped hundreds of patients achieve their oral health goals.
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