Enjoy oral conscious sedation to address anxiety for dental implant placement

Anxiety-Free Dental Implants in San Jose CA area

Dental implants continue growing in popularity as the most desirable tooth replacement option for patients in and around San Jose, California. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, Dr. Shivani Gupta, DDS, Master ICOI, and her team of professionals work directly with patients to help them determine if they are a good candidate for these titanium metal posts that function just like natural teeth once placed and secured. However, the idea of oral surgery can be scary for many of our anxious patients, which is why our dentist is pleased to offer oral conscious sedation. What is oral conscious sedation? Our team … Continue reading

Enjoy same-day tooth replacement with Teeth in a Day

Same Day Tooth Replacement in San Jose CA area

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, we know that replacing missing teeth as soon as possible allows patients to return to their regular daily lives without interruption. This is why we are pleased to offer a long-lasting solution that is fast and reliable: Teeth in a Day. Teeth in a Day, sometimes referred to as “All on Four dental implants,” is a method of same-day tooth replacement for patients in and around San Carlos and San Jose, California. What is “Teeth in a Day?” Dr. Shivani Gupta, DDS, Master ICOI, and her team at Peninsula Dental Implant Center may recommend Teeth … Continue reading

How to care for dental implants following placement surgery

Dental Implant Surgery in Los Altos CA Area

At Peninsula Dental Implant Center in San Mateo County, Dr. Shivani Gupta and her dental team work to help patients restore their smiles when tooth loss occurs. The smile, health, and function are negatively affected when adult, permanent teeth are missing, and patients have a few different options available to them when it comes to restoring the smile. This includes dental implant surgery, a popular tooth root replacement option that provides false teeth that function just like natural teeth. The versatility and longevity of dental implants make them a popular choice. With proper care, men and women can easily maintain … Continue reading

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