Enjoy oral conscious sedation to address anxiety for dental implant placement

Anxiety-Free Dental Implants in San Jose CA area

Dental implants continue growing in popularity as the most desirable tooth replacement option for patients in and around San Jose, California. At Peninsula Dental Implant Center, Dr. Shivani Gupta, DDS, Master ICOI, and her team of professionals work directly with patients to help them determine if they are a good candidate for these titanium metal posts that function just like natural teeth once placed and secured. However, the idea of oral surgery can be scary for many of our anxious patients, which is why our dentist is pleased to offer oral conscious sedation.

What is oral conscious sedation?

Our team describes oral conscious sedation as an effective method of relaxing anxious patients before and during their dental procedures. This method of sedation differs from alternatives such as IV sedation or nitrous oxide. Oral conscious sedation is the use of a prescribed sedative that is taken prior to the appointment. Only one pill is needed, and patients will arrive at their appointment at ease, relaxed, and comfortable. Patients must arrange transportation to and from our office, as they cannot drive while this medication is in their system. Patients are awake, coherent, and even able to answer questions and follow directions while this medication is at work, allowing them to get the necessary work done without dental anxiety!

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The best patients for oral conscious sedation are those with moderate to severe dental anxiety and fear and who need dental treatments that might otherwise cause them to feel uneasy about the appointment–or even cancel it before they arrive. We want patients to get the care they need when they need it, and oral conscious sedation can make that possible!

Where can I find a dentist for anxious patients near me?

Dr. Shivani Gupta, DDS, Master ICOI, is a dedicated and qualified dental professional who is pleased to educate patients on oral conscious sedation to ease their anxiety over the placement of dental implants during oral surgery.

If you are ready to schedule your free consultation, book an appointment by calling (650) 232-7650. The office is open to patients in and around San Francisco, San Bruno, Pacifica, Millbrae and Daly city in California. 

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